Boon and Their Promising New Track “Your Weight”

– by Ethan White

New music by relatively new band Boon, has us mesmerised. This four-piece experimental indie-rock band from New York has me hopeful that the two singles released this year means that their debut album is on the way.

Having done all but the mastering themselves, these four young multitalented artists have me convinced their future is bright and with a name like Boon, which means “something useful”, I am optimistic as to how bright that future just might be.

Boon releases new track “Your Weight” and has earned their place at the high end of experimental indie-rock. With soothing guitar work, groovy electronic undertones, drumming that I can only describe as hearty and vocals that are yet to be described accurately but is nothing short of absolutely delicious.

Keep up with Boon via their Facebook and Bandcamp.

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