Baloji’s Latest Single “Spoiler” Calls on Kinshasa’s Rhumba Legends

– by Ethan White

Returning to the music scene with his third solo project, Baloji is a multitalented lyricist, poet, scripter, composer and artist who was born in the Congo and moved to Belgium at the age of three. The new single “Spoiler” is a sort of anytime easy-listening track that leaves me wondering how the rest of the EP will come out.

With the same well-tuned fusion of Funk and Ragga, Baloji’s new EP 64 Bits and Malachite seems as though it will have a heavier influence of Baloji’s homeland of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This is backed by the new music video for “Spoiler” which features two famous musicians from the Congo; Maitre Malage and Klody Ndongala. The three Congolese artists, all gaining fame in different eras have come together to work on one of the most interesting rap songs of the year. This collaboration of different generations is accentuated by the video’s 60s-style band outfits, stack guitars straight from the 80s and a sort of early 2000s dance routine.

His first two albums as a solo artist were very heartfelt and targeted, his drive was more emotional in the past and if “Spoiler” is anything to go off than we can expect lighter and more celebrative work to come.

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