Au Dré Drops Video for Take-No-S**t Anthem “Watch What You Say”

– by Madeline Oliver

Au Dré’s new single “Watch What You Say” is an anthem for the sassy. Producer/Keyboardist extraordinaire JamBau (James Bowers) and Vocalist/Trumpeter Audrey Powne create this expressive duo; a pair responsible for the latest peace of musical attitude.

With roots in Melbourne, JamBau and Powne combine a shared a love of late 70s/early 80s Disco/Dance music and other eclectic influences, producing a unique personality to their sound. These influences include the likes of Pomrad, Lone and Hudson Mohawke, or more old school tunes from Herbie Hancock and Chaka Kahn. It’s easy to see how the music of old legends like Hancock are absorbed by Au Dré. A keyboardist and composer known to be one of the first to embrace synthesisers in funk. The synth in “Watch What You Say” is dramatic and explosive, yet still vaguely reminiscent of old tunes like “Rockit”, perhaps with a little more attitude.

“Watch What You Say” begins playfully. JamBau and Powne walk into a tennis court to kick off their music video, with exaggerated swag and preppy white and pink tennis outfits. The beat smashes in without hesitation, followed by spoken lyrics reminiscent less of Herbie Hancock and more of Nicki Minaj. “Watch What You Say” is punchy and sassy and sings of rivalry in the world of fame. Echoey cries of “you don’t want to f**k with me” chime in for the chorus, clearly state that there is some beef to be resolved between them and a “bitch” unknown.

The song is like a musical catfight, an ode on those in the industry who may have become too big for their boots. Or perhaps it’s an up-yours to the spreaders of malicious rumours, or a satire for the music industry in general, and the ruthless nature of its competition. But whatever the message, it’s a song you can certainly get up and dance to.

“Watch What You Say” is available now.

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