Ah Trees’ Hit Mojo’s for Last Stop on National EP Tour

– by Lachlan

Last Friday’s gig at Mojo’s Bar Fremantle marked the final stop on Ah Trees’ national tour launching their self-titled EP. Joining them inside Mojo’s on the night were the psychedelic Bluenade, electronic percussionists Feels, indie rockers Moonpuppy and self-described post-punk/prog-rock band The Crystal Moth. It was a pretty diverse range of musical genres to offer, but the order of the acts allowed the night to flow smoothly.

Bluenade were the first up on the night, and deserved a bigger crowd than the ten or so that arrived for the beginning of the show. They set the night off to a good start for those that were there to see them, with their nostalgic indie-rock sound. Bluenade have a single coming out sometime this week, which will be uploaded to soundcloud. If you enjoy psychedelica, check it out.

Second in the line-up were Perth-based duo Feels, whose setup included a boogie board balanced on a keyboard stand that acted as a support for their synthesiser. They were very distinct from any other act on the night, and in fact most live acts in Perth; not many live Perth performers can be said to fit into the genre of “electronic percussion.” They had a unique sound that differentiated them from the other acts through their use of traditional percussion instruments and more modern equipment.

“The Big Splash” 2016 runners-up Moonpuppy took a more experimental approach than their previous gigs, and were performing as a duo rather than their usual four-piece. While previously they have had a more indie rock sound, their set at the launch was more electronic and gave off a new, improvisational feel. I doubt many of their gigs will continue along this trend, though it was interesting to see them experiment with their style. This approach worked well on the night, helping to link the very different and varied acts together.

Next up was the penultimate band, Perth post-punks The Crystal Moth. This was the first band of the night that really got the crowd moving, filling the floor of Mojo’s with their energetic, headbanging fans from wall-to-wall. They proved to be a fitting warm-up for Ah Trees, who built on the atmosphere created by these guys.

Finally, Ah Trees finished up their tour with a crowd-pleasing set performing songs from their new EP – these included new wave/indie/pop tracks Team Sports, Nara, Stormy and Mars. They’re a band with a sense of humour; at the conclusion of their final song lead singer Ryan Adair dived into the audience and crowdsurfed until they returned him to the stage.

Ah Trees’ debut EP is available now!

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