A New Mixture of Flavours: A Conversation with Pete Murray

We sat down for a chat with the super chill, Pete Murray to talk about hip hop and his new album, Camacho.


Hazel: New album! How are you feeling about it?

Pete Murray: Yeah I’m really happy with it, I’ve been working on it for six years now and I wanted to make it different. I wanted it to be quite punchy and more something you could play at a party as well as listening to on headphones.

H: There was a pretty big break between Blue Sky Blue and Camacho, did you find that you’re mostly writing songs slowly or did you kind of do it all at once?

P: Slowly, bits and pieces. It was really all done every so often. I had “Only One” and “Sold” which are the first two [tracks] off the album and then “Camacho”, they were all recorded like five and a half years ago. That’s when I first started to work with loops and beats and taking a lot of Mo-town grooves. I was listening to a lot of electronica and hip hop so it’s kind of got those three flavours combined with what I do.

H: It was really interesting listening to it because you can hear how you have really experimented with this album but still kept that original sound.

P: You know, what I’ve tried to do is go back to even Feeler to make the songs a little more emotive; I’m big on lyrics and I like lyrics to be powerful and meaningful so I wanted to keep that but also amp it up a bit more so it has a bigger, ‘phatter’ groove to it and there’s big choruses. It feels like they’re the biggest choruses I’ve had to sing so it should be good to sing along to!

H: Yeah, definitely! So you worked with Trials from A.B.Original, what was that like?

P: Awesome. He was fantastic, he was the first guy that I reached out to because we both know my booking agent. So I was talking to my booking agent, saying I wanted to get these loops and beats do you know anyone, and he said “I know the guy for you: Trials”. He’s such a great human, just a really positive guy especially when it’s just two different worlds with what we do musically.

H: You’re doing a 33-date tour in the next few months, pretty massive! How do you cope with being on the road?

P: Well you’ve just got to do it. We do it over the weekend so I keep going home every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then head off again but I’m actually really looking forward to it because I really like the album, and playing these songs live is really fun and that’s the goal I set for this album. People that come to these shows, they’ll need to listen to the album because I’ll definitely be playing that. There will be some old ones in there too but if you don’t know the new album you’re just going to sit there going, what’s this?

H: I hear there’s a bit of a story behind the title?

P: I had a bar/restaurant that I needed to find a title, and I was looking at this old Spanish magazine looking for ideas and inspiration and I came across this café called Café Camacho and I thought “what a cool name”, so there was this Spanish girl working and so I asked her what it meant and she said “I think it means cool or brave”. And I checked it out and yeah, it means the “act of cool”. Then every time I was in the studio I would play a part and I would turn to whoever I was with and I’d go “does that sound Camacho enough for you?” and then if it was good or if it was cool they’d have to say, “Yeah that’s total Camacho”.

H: Thanks for that chat! Good luck with the tour and I hope to catch you at Fremantle Arts Centre in September!

P: No worries! Yeah, that’ll be a good one hopefully!

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