Sustainable fashions breakthrough at VAMFF

Lush Terrain: celebrating fashion and environmentalism

BY Kate Purnell

On March 2nd, Lush Terrain was showcased at Fitzroy Conservatory as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF.) Presented by Surrender Yoga’s designer Julie Belic and online fashion hub The Requisite, Lush Terrain celebrated the coming of fashion combined with environmentalism, and erected a platform for Australian designers who incorporate ethical and sustainable methods of production into their line.

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Lush Terrain lists celebrating a beautiful planet, incredible people and brands that are dedicated to a happy and healthy world as their philosophy. There is a focus on reinforcing the positive environmental habits of “sustainable fashion”- such as minimising waste, avoiding plastic and opting to buy from sustainable brands. It is a growing practice concentrating on the eco-friendliest way of producing and distributing fashion garments to reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, it has a strong focus on creating fair work environments for employees. It aims to maximise customer and community experience and diminish damaging environmental effects.

The Ethical Fashion Forum produced a 10 point list outlining necessary criteria for an ethical fashion brand, demonstrating the newfound industry focus on combatting critical environmental issues and upholding a just work environment.

  1. Countering fast, cheap fashion and the damaging patterns of fashion consumption
2. Defending fair wages, working conditions and workers’ rights
3. Supporting sustainable livelihoods
4. Addressing toxic pesticide and chemical use
5. Using and/or developing eco- friendly fabrics and components
6. Minimising water use
7. Recycling and addressing energy efficiency and waste
8. Developing or promoting sustainability standards for fashion
9. Resources, training and/ or awareness raising initiatives
10. Animal rights

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Sustainable Fashion hasn’t been adequately represented at the VAMFF in previous years. That’s why Julie Belic made 2017 her year to address the issue, and have Lush Terrain included in the fashion festival.

When speaking to online eco fashion and lifestyle website, Eco Warrior Princess, Belic explained how important it is for her to promote sustainable fashion in a positive light.

“We promote the sustainable lifestyle as healthy and nourishing, which is why we’ve aligned with some organic cosmetic brands, Inika Organics and Stem Organics.”

It’s understood Kombucha and free yoga passes were also handed out on the night.

Five Australian sustainable fashion brands were showcased at Lush Terrain, including:

Surrender Yoga


Cadia Belante

Heidi Hibberd


Collaborators The Requisite are an online hub due to launch soon. The hub will host sustainable fashion brands on their online retail store, and promote content discussing sustainability, ethics and charity. The Requisite have a selection process all brands they stock must go through to ensure they match the ethical and sustainable criteria held by the company.

Hopefully Lush Terrain means we will start to see more sustainable fashion emerge into the mainstream around Australia, to ensure eco-friendly fashion production and fair workers’ rights for all.

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