Young Entrepreneurs, Listen Up!

(Monash University, 2018)

Monash University’s The Generator has become one of the most in-demand university accelerators.

Monash University is home to the start-up that everyone is talking about and is extremely proud of the success The Generator is reaping. In a recent press release, Monash University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise) Ken Sloan supported the accelerator 100 per cent.

“We are helping the founders that come through the program to develop the skills, networks and experience that will enable them to be successful.”

“It justifies our focus on founders as key to the change we are trying to achieve.”

The Generator itself is the University’s major entrepreneurial hub which offers up to $10000 seed funding, three-months mentor-ship and a spot in their co-working space. The accelerator has mentored over 100 startups and has helped over 20 companies reach success in the two years since it’s creation in 2016.

This year, The Generator has announced the startups they will be supporting this year, including A-Space, Additive Assurance, Ally Assist, Career Futures, CheckXOut, Melbourne Vibe, NextAero, Tixel and Zenboard Tech. These nine groups were chosen out of the near 200 applications The Generator received.

According to Kishan Thurairasa, entrepreneur-in-residence and mentor with the program, the success the accelerator has achieved is partly due to the first-priority focus on the participants.

“We genuinely focus on and care about our founders…this philosophy will lead to successful founders, impactful startups, and a more entrepreneurial university.”

This focus on individuality can be seen practically by their concentration on gender diversity, with 53 per cent of startup founders included in the program identifying as female.

As well as The Generator, Monash University offers The Validator, a five-week program for you to develop your startup idea where, according to their website, you will join “a five-week journey to learn the basics of entrepreneurial strategy and test the quality of your startup idea.”

The Validator program runs out of Monash University’s Clayton Campus and applications will soon be open to Monash students, staff and Alumni-inclusive teams for their September-October program. This is the first step to working within the acclaimed Generator program and is a great way to develop and test out your startup with mentors helping you every step of the way.

Monash University is well known for its entrepreneurship programs and offers many captivating and stimulating business and planning courses, teaching the basics and particulars of starting up a business, giving young people quality resources from the start.

For more information on The Validator and The Generator, visit https://www.monash.edu/entrepreneurship. For information on Monash’s entrepreneurship programs and courses, visit https://www.monash.edu/it/current-students/entrepreneur.

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