Surf’s Up with New Books by Bondi Rescue’s Maxi!

(FemaleFirst, 2018)

Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell is best known from the hit reality television show Bondi Rescue, but now Lifeguard Maxi is adding children’s writing to his repertoire. Maxi is tackling water safety head-on with his fun new junior fiction series Maxi the Lifeguard, which he has co-written alongside popular kids author David Lawrence. Books one and two in the series – In Deep Water and The Stormy Protest – was released September 25th 2018.

The series explores the adventures of 11-year-old Maxi’s trials and triumphs, as a way of teaching kids how to be safe in and around the water, while maximising the fun of Aussie beach life. Each action-packed story is inspired by Maxi’s childhood adventures in pursuit of his dream to become a lifeguard. Each book features Maxi’s top beach safety tips plus information on common risks, such as rip currents and heat stroke.

Maxi joins Buckler Ocean Swimming Club to have a bit of fun with his mates. But then a big prize for the Junior Ocean Challenge is announced. The winner will get money for their club and a day with Maxi’s hero, lifeguard Mick Hawk! Maxi would do anything to win. Especially as it might help save Buckler. Will his hard work and determination pay off, or will Maxi’s arch-enemy ruin his chances?

Maxi has channelled his experience in water safety, as well as his day job as a firefighter, in order to help prevent beach-side tragedies after some horror summers on Australian coasts. Two-hundred and ninety-one people drowned in Australian waterways in the year leading up to 30 June 2017 (Royal Life Saving) – an increase of 3% on the year prior. Bondi Beach, where Maxi has worked as a lifeguard for over a decade, attracts more than 40 000 visitors on a hot summer’s day (Domain). Education and awareness are essential to preventing these tragedies, and Maxi’s new books are practical and entertaining tools to help kids stay safe in the sun and surf.

“I’m lucky that my work as a lifeguard mixes my passion for the beach with my desire to help people,” Maxi said, in a recent release.

“Now with my new series, I’m excited for kids to discover stories about my childhood and learn all about respecting the water.”

It’s hoped these books will be both educational and entertaining, just in time for the Aussie beach season to kick off as the weather starts to warm up. Surf’s up!

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