This week in hip hop, brought to you by Wordplay.


Wednesday– Splashout: New Wave Rap + R&B @ the bird, Northbridge.

$5 Entry and $5 SlyFox for the Wednesday Blues.

Facebook event HERE.


Friday– DCL Fridays @Club Kahuna, Subiaco. Opening night, get in for $15. $6 Bintang, $6 Somersby, $8 Captain Morgan, $10 Alize.

Facebook event HERE.


Saturday– AntiMatter @ Babushka, Leederville. Hosted by Zombie Mummi, featuring And Beyond, The Everyday Flow, Hindely and Dub A. $10 Entry, $5 Sailor Jerry’s and $8 pints 8pm-9pm.

Facebook event HERE.


Sunday– Super Soulshaker Sunday Session: hosted by Cool Perth Nights. Leaning towards a more soul vibe, BUT featuring hip-hop babes Phocal. $15 entry.

Facebook event HERE.

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