Anyman, A Story of Addiction

Based on Peter Lyndon-James’ book Tough Love: Tackling Drug Addiction and Seeing Change, Anyman is not a play for the faint-hearted. It is hard-hitting, thought-provoking, and painstakingly honest at times. It paints a confrontational picture of the ripple effect methamphetamine use causes not only to the addict but to their family, loved ones and the outer community as well.

Featuring residents from Shalom House, a drug rehabilitation centre located in the Swan Valley, it provides an outsiders view on the different stages of drug addiction from the very people who have lived it themselves. An educational play by all means, it is one aimed specifically at families who are struggling with addicts in the family home. It shows when and where intervention can take place, and how to bring an addict to their breaking point so badly they will finally make a decision to turn their life around.

It will help you realise what may be difficult for you to see. It brings home a hard-hitting truth – that by keeping an addict in the family home, you are just as bad as the drug dealers themselves – and this play explains exactly why.

See show times for Anyman and other Fringe World acts here: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/anyman-fw2018

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