The Dark Comedy Festival is Coming Our Way!

(TryBooking, 2018)

With all the dark things happening nowadays, it’s time to ‘lighten up a little.’ A World of Dark Comedy is coming to The Backlot cinema this October. The event, which runs between Friday 26th of October and Saturday 27th October, features 10 short films from filmmakers around the world, in a celebration of the darkest aspects of comedy in ways that you could never have fathomed. The shorts include tales of observational robbery; first attempt drug ‘dealing;’ wrong accommodation on that ‘special night;’ a skinhead attempting to cheat a wily old lady out of some cash … and plenty more!

In a world full of madness, craziness, slapstick, feigned romance, and general overload of niceness, A World of Dark Comedy presents the worst things that can happen in human interactions!

Check out the trailer below:

Warning: It’s bad, it’s wrong, it’s diabolical, but most of all … it’s brilliant!

Don’t miss out on what is sure to be an amazing weekend of (perhaps questionable) laughs!

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