The Big Bad Boss – With Geedup Clothing

by – Jess Lydia O’brien

Looking for a new rebellious attitude to set your individuality on fire? As a label notoriously known for their enhancement of the hip-hop era and attitude through clothing, Geedup took the word off the street and put it into fashion. Orchestrated by four young entrepreneurs, Geedup offers garments for a wide selection of people that can relate to 90’s hip hop, 80’s graffiti and 70’s crime families. Beau, Jake, Marc and Benny claim that their clothing line and relationship as “team boss” represents a brotherhood rather than a business. 12208937_10153776271354662_1516368985_oOriginating with a team up between the guys, the idea to sell baseball caps and basketball jerseys online was born. With Jake’s whiz photoshop skills, the team managed to get a mock up design; fairly shortly after the website and logo. The demand was high and proved a successful product; the first ten trials of the sweaters sold within ten to fifteen minutes! It was only a week later that those same customers were asking, “what’s next?” As for their punchy and organic name, nothing more than a quick look inside themselves was needed. The phrase “Geedup” had been a part of their everyday lives and love for hip-hop culture for as long as they can remember; it was cemented into their heads through the entirety of their mission. I guess you could say the boys are the definition of everything their name stands for. G’d up – “To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition.” Check out some of the street savvy looks for yourself at geedupclothing.com.


Photo credit: Geedup Clothing, Sneakmag.com 

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