RTRFM Presents Postcards from the West

(X-Press Magazine, 2018)

It’s no secret that Western Australia is home to hundreds of amazing events, history, photography, and film, and for one night only, you have the opportunity to see it all brought to life by musical talent.

RTRFM, the popular community-run radio station, has partnered with the State Library of Western Australia, or more specifically, their film archives. Local musical talent have composed musical pieces to fit film and photography from decades past, combining to bring these old clips of Perth to life in a unique and creative way.

Post-rock artist Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, the electronica-sounding Akioka, the beats of Diger Rokwell, the improvisation of Orphans, and the unique Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble will be creating exclusive soundtracks to compliment the vast and various landscapes of Western Australia. From the desolate deserts to the beautiful rich coastlines, all of which make Australia the amazing place it is, shaping its inhabitants for decade, all elements from the State Library’s archives will be enhanced for display for one exclusive night only!

The musical pieces, composed specifically for this project, may never be heard again after this event, and it will certainly never be performed in this way after the event.

Saturday December 15th will be the night to catch this amazing performance, which will be held in the Studio Underground at the State Theatre Centre itself. It is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience showcasing both local music talent and all that our state has to offer.

Tickets are available now and are sure to go quickly, so grab them while you can! Visit http://www.ptt.wa.gov.au/ to get yours today!

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