Massive Day Planned at Murdoch!

(Murdoch University, 2018)

Are you looking to study at university next year? Are you looking for a fun family day out? Either way, head down to Murdoch University on Saturday 28th July for the annual Open Day, promised to be the biggest-ever!

“It’s the one day of the year where all of the doors are open,” said Domestic Engagement Coordinator at Murdoch University Jade Castle.

“All the professors and volunteers venture outside their offices to tell you all about what a fabulous place the University is and give honest, friendly advice first hand.”

The theme for the day is curiosity, creativity and individuality, three traits that the institution hold in high regard.

“Murdoch has a history of being free thinking and challenging students to look outside of the box,” said Castle, “As our namesake Sir Walter Murdoch said, “The only education out of which good can come from is the education which teaches you to think for yourself…” (Sir Walter Murdoch, 1926,) so we like to make sure our prospective students understand that.”

The day is set to be full of interesting, interactive stalls, exhibitions and presentations that both inform and entertain. The inner sanctums of the University will be opened to the public, areas including the $2.6million state-of-the-art networking and gaming facility, engineering and IT labs, film suits, radio stations, and the Murdoch farm and animal hospital sure to draw and attract a crowd.

Castle herself will be giving presentations throughout the day aimed at students ready to move into tertiary education, giving them the ins and outs of university life, covering language and class structures that may be unfamiliar coming from a secondary school environment.

“For 364 days of the year this place is closed off and shrouded in mystery,” Castle joked, “Most of the cool stuff is usually hidden, so this really is a great opportunity.”

“We are a public space and part of the community, and we really want anyone who’s curious about what we do and how we are involved with our little part of society to feel welcome to come and explore.”

There will be a multitude of free events for families with young children, as well as a fantastic array of live entertainers, really making the day a fun family day out. With comedy from Famous Sharron, a Chemistry Extravaganza, soft tissue massages, food trucks, petting zoos and cuddles with the resident therapy dogs, there really is something for everyone.

It was recently announced that The Indigo Project would be making an appearance at the Open Day, running mindfulness workshops throughout the day.

“They will be running lab workshops discussing the key things affecting us at the moment, with a special focus on health and wellness. The sessions will be fun and interactive, as well as educational,” according to Castle.

“Audiences will definitely walk away with some useful skills that are aimed to help students get through the often tough and daunting transition into university life.”

Another highlight for the day will be Murdoch University’s Think Generator, an exhibit that will allow participants to find out what kind of thinker they are, giving them a clear path moving forward in their lives and studies.

“There’ll be quizzes and photobooths, and the chance to win tickets to the Perth Arena!”

Running all day from 10:00am to 4:00pm on 90 South Street, the Murdoch University campus is sure to be the place to be!

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