by – Alfred George Ashby

KID TSUNAMI Kid Tsunami is a name that probably sounds more at home in a superhero comic book than attached to a Filipino hip-hop artist, but then again, music is a medium that has no bounds, and this Perth resident heavily reinforces that fact. Some might argue that old school hip-hop in the style of Wu-Tang or NWA doesn’t have too much of a place in today’s charts, but those people couldn’t be more wrong. Just because a genre isn’t immediately evident in the charts or the public eye, doesn’t mean that it’s not relevant. Its influence is heard, felt and breathed by all future artists in genres that even only slightly relate. This Perth resident has broken onto the hip-hop scene in recent years and worked with awesome 90’s artists such as Kool Keith, Prince Po, Yehua DaPoed, OC, Kool G Rap and Bahamadia to name just a few! He recently brought out a spectacular new album named The Chase, which emanates classic boom bap beats.12212035_10207088641948243_1357747178_n

This fifteen track album delivers incredible wordplay, most notably on AR Toxic and wicked collabs all throughout the album, especially on Worldwide Connect, featuring Craig G. In the today’s modern industry, social media plays a huge part in the marketing of an artist’s music. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Mixcloud and Soundcloud are utterly essential to growing one’s listener base. Kid Tsunami, as any musician worth their salt, knows this and regularly updates his Soundcloud feed with tracks from EPs and his latest album. His most recent EP, like The Chase, shows off his outstanding musical talent. The six song EP, Songs for Celia, delivers laid-back style in the form of real old school tunes which conjure up images of LA cool cats shooting hoops, patrolling the streets and spitting freestyles. Kid keeps it real. He’s from Perth and frequents Chinese buffets. He makes beats, spits rhymes and keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground. In summary, if you’re looking for some new music with an old school feel, this is the guy you’re after.


Photo credit: Kid Tsu facebook

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