I love it when you’re Against Me

All I wanted was someone to scream out the words my heart couldn’t manage to pump

Elizabeth Earle

As a rule, I don’t really write music reviews. In fact- I don’t write them at all. I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of riffs and all that jazz. My experience with music is how it makes me feel and what it reminds me of.

But when I heard of a particular band coming to our shores- I knew I wanted to be the one who wrote about them.

I’m talking about a band called Against Me.

This band represents a lot for me. It reminds me of the house parties back in England, all of my friends squeezed into one room attempting to make the biggest human pyramid we could accomplish, everyone joining in on the chorus of Thrash Unreal. It reminds me of the summer when I fell in love, the car rides with the windows down, listening to Spanish Moss, convinced that this was going to be my Happy Ending. They remind me of the time when I played my guitar and sang to my granddad for the first and last time. They reminded me when my life was falling apart and all I wanted was something to stop my insides from caving in. The Bamboo Bones lyrics “Don’t let them break you. Don’t let them tell you who you are,” was a frequent go to when I felt the other bastards try and drag me down. And believe me- there were plenty of those moments.

It reminds me of the times when I was so angry and so upset that all I wanted was someone to scream out the words my heart couldn’t manage to pump. I wanted someone to scream everything I was feeling inside. My loss. My joy. My anger. My pain. I wanted to feel like someone else was going through this with me.

And with this band they did exactly that.

They dragged me from whatever vortex of sadness I was in and plunged me into a feeling of kickassery and “who gives a f**k about that dickhead anyway?”

They saved me from so many black moments.

And you know what? Despite having this intense love for this band- I have never seen them. I’ve bought tickets for their concerts and fate always threw something in my way so I couldn’t go- the latest being buying a ticket to Australia and being unable to see them in the UK.

But I get the news one day. I look at my phone to see my friend’s message:

“You’ll never guess who’s playing in Perth this year!”

So there it is. They’re playing at the Rosemount Hotel in Perth on the 12th of May. If you see an ecstatic English girl at the front with a rum in hand- that will be me. I’m not even sure I even care if anyone does look them up. This doesn’t even feel like a recommendation. This is a letter of love, a pledge of allegiance, a declaration of loyalty.

But in case you’re interested in being plunged into the world of what is Against Me, just click here

I’ll see you there.


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