Highlights of the British Film Fest

The Cunard British Film Festival is making its way to Australia during October and November, hosting a plethora of engaging, dynamic British treats for Australians to digest. Exclusively at Luna Palace Cinemas, the festival will unleash a star-studded pantheon of talent including fresh up and comers in the industry.

Here, we’ll highlight some of the cinematic marvels that await you.


Breathe heralds the Australian premier of Andy Serkis’s directorial debut. Of course, being no stranger to on-screen shenanigans, Serkis’s first foray behind the camera is both melancholic and uplifting. Starring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy, Serkis depicts the true story of a couple facing severe illness.  Robin Cavendish (Garfield) is given three months to live due to polio. He and his wife become pioneers for the disabled and travel the world in a bid to transform lives. In the face of such adversity, ‘Breathe’ constructs an arresting vision of humanities indomitable spirit. A tale sure to inspire and resonate with many.

Finding Your Feet

Closing the festival with style is the world premiere of romcom, ‘Finding Your Feet’, a heart-warming venture with a comforting aura. The film depicts a dynamic group of third agers getting a new lease of life as they begin retirement. With it comes divorce and new relationships, liberating those involved to forge fresh connections. Soaked in British quirks and sensibilities, it oozes charm to present us with a jubilant, free-spirited experience.

Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards

A docu-drama offering an in-depth introspection of famed ‘cobbler’ Manolo Blahnik, a titan of the fashion industry. An intimate portrayal of the coveted shoe designer shines light into the inner-workings of his life and career which have always been shrouded in privacy. Not only does this docudrama explore the fashion industry through the lens of Blahnik, it also discusses, with fondness, what it means to age and move on. A fascinating journey that deftly weaves a gentle atmosphere throughout.

On Chesil Beach

An adaption of Ian McEwan’s novella, this cinematic re-telling is a sensitive, tender story about a young couple in 1962, Florence and Edward, who get married after recently graduating from university. A fun, curious and tearful construction of youth that also touches on family strife and status. Most importantly, it crafts a narrative that maturely and openly presents sexual relationships, smashing pre-existing taboos with clarity and intelligence.

Tulip Fever

An adaption of the book with the same name, author Deborah Moggach’s work is brought to life on the big screen. Starring Academy Award winners Alicia Vikander and Christoph Waltz, ‘Tulip Fever’ takes place during the Tulip Wars of the 17th Century – married noblewoman (Vikander} has an affair with an artist. To escape from her life, she switches identities with her maid to remove the shackles of marriage that have entrapped her. In the hopes of building a new life, the couple enter a tulip market that’s fraught with risk. Deception, romance and greed permeate proceedings to deliver a story bubbling with intrigue.

Those are only a few highlights among many other films. Including 26 contemporary and specially curated retrospective films. There’s a wide-variety of compelling British cinema on offer so be prepared to laugh, cry and arm yourself with a cup of tea- and enjoy British cinema at its vibrant best.

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