Girls Rock! The Music Scene

(Girls Rock! Alliance, 2018)

Remember watching Camp Rock when you were younger? Well, the Girls Rock! Group has been making that film a reality world-wide and now they are heading to Perth!

The program, targeted at the young and diverse, looks to hone the musical skills of participants, as well as empower young women, trans, and gender diverse people with positivity, creativity, and artistry.

Perth teacher and musician Em Burrows is running the camp and leading the charge in the Western Australia, speaking of how important this camp is on the social state of our world.

“​A huge part of being in the creative industries is being connected to likeminded people and the great thing about Girls Rock! is the way it connects young musicians,” said Burrows.

“The friendships that people form at Girls Rock! are really authentic because they’re based on shared experience and love for music and they’re made in such a welcoming and non-judging environment.”

“We’re giving a unique opportunity to female, trans, and non-binary musicians to develop the confidence to enter the music industry which we hope in time will contribute to a more diverse and equitable industry.”

Daily creative workshops are held to get the campers into positive mindsets, and with lunchtime performances from locals daily, the atmosphere is one ideal to any young and inspiring musician!

Burrows holds the power of these programs in high regard, as do many past participants and musicians.

“WAM has had Girls Rock! on its radar for a while now!” according to Burrows.

“We’re acutely aware of the need for gender diversity and equity in the music scene and this is an amazing way to support and nurture young female, trans, and non-binary artists. We’ve been assembling a great team of mentors and volunteers to run it in WA.”

The camp invites inspiring musicians to develop their musical passions on a range of instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

On top of personal development, musicians will get the opportunity to perform in groups, forming bands and writing songs with other campers. With a special Girls Rock! Showcase at the end of the week, there are performance experiences abundant!

The camp will be running from the 14th to the 19th of January 2018 and is open to female, trans, and non-binary people aged 11-17 with some existing experience in either guitar, bass, drums or vocals.

“​Participants can expect to meet a bunch of amazing people, participate in some great workshops, learn more about their instrument, have lots of jams, perform at a gig, and more! I would encourage anyone who has had even an inkling of a dream to play in a band to go for it!”

Still want to get involved? You’re in luck! The Perth camp is looking for volunteers to help run the classes and organise all the activities for the week! Contact Burrows at em@wam.org.au to find out about the volunteer roles!

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