Corner Gallery is finally back tonight with PHOTOBOMB

Live art and music to be my wingman.

BY Mathew Bell.

Almost every day, I walk past the Little Wing Corner Gallery at 263 Hay street, Subiaco, Perth. Consequently, I’m always curious about the place- the walls are adorned with murals, some blessings to the lost, others deeply philosophical. The artwork screams rebellious creativity. But it’s the ice-cream pink walls that catch my eye and provoke my interest. Because of this, I’m regularly smiling as I walk past this space and often find myself wondering why it hasn’t been rented yet. As it turns out, the Corner Gallery is back with a Photobomb art exhibition, September 1st at 8 pm, and it’s set to be a big one.

No longer will I need to shield the glare with my hands as my nose skims the front door glass, always leaving a mark. Now I won’t be compelled to squint through the heavily tinted windows to appease my curiosity of the unknown. I can finally get inside for an easy $10 entry fee!

What am I getting for this fee? I ask myself whilst pulling out my wallet, producing a cartoon moth that is clearly malnourished. Not only am I buying the hype of this glorious space coming back to life, I’m also attending to see five artists paint live, five great photographer’s prints, and three local bands.

The five artists aren’t only creating on the spot, they are also competing, fighting for the crowd’s favour in a glorious battle of contemporary collaboration. On entry, visitors receive a blank bottle cap to drop into their preferred artist’s cup. And if participating in an election that doesn’t end up with a rich and powerful person becoming even more dominant isn’t your flavour, you can always take part in the silent auction. Each artist has even elected five different charities to donate 10% of their sales to, which only sweetens the deal.

The three bands for the night start with grunge induced rock band, Candy Guts. Western Kinsmen of the Sun bring some lovely brain melting psych, and Marmalade Mama falls somewhere pleasantly between. Searching through the five photographer’s social media links, I look forward to viewing their work in and amongst the chaos. In addition, I’m intrigued to see how these prints will partner with the atmosphere of the bands, artists and a well-behaved mob of friends flocking to this popular event.

With all these networks coming together in a comfy space, locals are bound to bump into someone they haven’t met before. At the same time, I’m eager to observe how this collaboration achieves so many different tastes in one consumable, party sized snack. Not being a local I expect to nervously introduce myself to a handful of people and awkwardly determine whether it’s appropriate to talk to others. Thankfully, there’s loud music and art to be my wingman.

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