Check Out The Basement Gallery These School Holidays!

(The Basement Gallery, 2018)

Perth School Holidays are back and Coloso-Craft’s creative classes have been cleverly constructed around a Happy Halloween.  The Basement Gallery crew have conjured supernatural sculptures, monstrous masks, petrifying puppets and so much more fun in our 2- week Perth School Holidays arts and craft program. The Program is for 7 to 12 year olds, Monday to Thursday, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and is run by The Basement Gallery’s team of positive, professional and productive artists.

Spell Binding Masks – September 24th

These magical masks will make your little monster much more marvellous. Our students will blow up balloons, lightly layer them with paper mache, pop, play and paint all day. They will conjure up a creature, sculpt characteristics and confidently cackle like an old cult classic comedy.

Trick or Treat Bags – September 25th

Store bought bags are boring! Your kids will craft and create slightly creepy but surprisingly skilful candy collecting containers. Paper mache goes a long way and when it comes to the comfortable carrying of copious amounts of sweet treats. Your children will be proud of their hand painted, personalized and personified bucket.

Petrifying Pop-Up Cards – September 27th

Surprise your parents and friends with a spooky pop-up picture. Ghastly ghouls, ghosts, vampires, villains and vegetables aren’t as terrifying when they pop out from a piece of paper. Our students will illustrate, colour, cut and create some impressive horror themed cards this upcoming holidays.

Haunted Houses – September 28th

Mini manors make the perfect place for a monster mash. These magnificent monster mansions will be engineered and decorated for the sole purpose of scaring teddy bears, Barbie dolls, birds and babies. These little houses of horrors will be cuter than the kittens that can’t fit through the front door.

Floating Jack O’ Lanterns – October 1st

Nothing more than a hanging piece of paper until enchanted with energized pumpkin patterns that howl and hover. Our clever kids will fold, colour, cut, tether and tie magically mischievous lanterns that’ll linger politely when the lights are let out.

Howl at the moon prints – October 2nd

Howling at the moon is merely another form of self-expression. Our school holiday students will print leaf patterns to perform the perfect silhouette spectacle. The kids will illustrate, cut card and paint a detailed dreamlike display that’ll send a shiver down the spine of any ill-informed investigators.

Supernatural Sock Puppets – October 3rd

Puppets with perpetual personalities! Felt furred, popsicle stick toothed and googley eyed werewolves have never been cuter. Add a silly voice, a couple more courageous characters and we’ve got ourselves a supernatural puppet show with superstar potential.

Hocus De Pocus – October 4th

It’s French for Fun! Whisper some magic words, wiggle your big finger and cast a wretched wreath of fierce flying bats! Crafted from the finest ingredients, your extraordinary adolescents will position, pattern, paint and present a bouquet of well-behaved bats.

The cost is $20 per child per day and it’s sure to be $20 well spent! Book online by sending an email to gallery@colosoul.com.au or call Mathew Bell on 0474 760 340.

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