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(Stay With Us, 2018)

Staying in a hotel is a funny thing. It’s just a bed in a room, with a bath and a shower, but something about it feels special.

Until you’re in your room with flickering lights and haunting voices bouncing off the walls. This is what guests should expect from The Last Big Hunt’s latest performance Stay With Us, performed at the Riverview Hotel in Perth.

The Last Big Hunt is a company made up of six creatives, Adriane Daff, Arielle Gray, Chris Isaacs, Gita Bezard, Jeffrey Kay Fowler, and Tim Watts. Each creator has their own signature style and taste, and this time, Gray has outdone herself with an immersive experience sure to entertain and amaze.

Following the journey of geologist Alana through space all the way into the Earth’s core, Stay With Us depicts a story of intrigue and mystery, complete with hauntings, death, and teddy bears! Really, the less you know, the better; let the surprise draw you in.

Presented by knowledgeable guides, you are lead through a series of three rooms, each depicting different events in Alana’s life and experiences, and become involved in the shaping of the narrative itself. From flicking lights on and off, to performing an autopsy, the interactivity will keep you entertained and on your toes from the instant the experience begins to the second you depart.

A perfect mix of technology and practical effects, you’ll be mentally (or physically, if you have a friend like mine) nudging yourself every time a connection is formed from room to room, with each twist and turn believable and planned out to perfection.

This is experimental theatre at it’s finest. Erasing the stigma of theatre is a hard thing to do, but with complex, interactive, and immersive productions like this one, I think we’re making progress.

After the performance, Gray spoke to us about the creative processes that went in to creating such an intricate performance, including the important balance between intrigue and common sense, making sure each room and the overall story made enough sense while still being mysterious. And where did the idea originate? In a hotel of course! Ideas started flying through the room, and quickly, Stay With Us was born. And take it from me, it was worth the creative journey tenfold.

Stay With Us has a limited run, closing on December 8th, so be sure to get tickets now; you really don’t want to miss out on this!

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