An Unexpected Love: A Review

(Perth Festival, 2018)

Perth Festival opens its doors once again with Lotterywest Films, a highly anticipated selection of international cinema curated to make your heart ache or sing with joy. I was lucky enough to attend the opening night this past week with fellow Colosoul writer Michael Green, and it was definitely worth it! The experience starts the moment you enter Somerville, a whimsical outdoor cinema complete with fairy lights, live music, vendors dishing up a pizza feast, and lush green spaces for all you picnicking needs. Bringing along your own throws and pillows wouldn’t go amiss, or even a bottle for a glass (or two!) of your favourite end-of-the-day drink. One thing I would definitely suggest is a bit of insect repellent – it may be relaxing season for us, but it’s grazing season for the bugs!

An Unexpected Love was everything you’d want from a feel-good romantic comedy. It was witty, it was hilarious, and better yet, it was awkward at times, a realistic portrayal of our day to day lives. The story follows the adventures of Ana and Marcos who, after sharing a fulfilling life together for 25 years, decide to separate once their son moves away from college. What follows is a humorous commentary on the excitement and rigors of the separation, and the constant question running through our minds: should you settle for love without happiness? Their relationship with each other is hilariously juxtaposed with a couple who have also dealt with the same struggles, but instead chose infidelity over separation as their coping mechanism. We are given real and raw snapshots of Ana and Marcos’ lives as the two lines run parallel; both traversing their newfound freedom in separate ways, but still continuing somehow linked to each other after a lifetime of mutual connections.

Needless to say, the film had a particular target audience which I didn’t fit into, and many times I found myself perplexed when those around me giggled. But who knows? Maybe in a few years I’ll remember this film, and start chuckling to myself too.

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