An interview with Taylor McFerrin

– By Michael Donnelly

Expect something different when Taylor McFerrin comes to play.

Straight from his home base in Brooklyn, the multi-instrumentalist and producer has touched down to bring his show around our lucky little country… all courtesy of the generous and fruitful Red Bull Music Academy.

Last night McFerrin blew Adelaide away, the first show of his first ever full length tour with Red Bull and let it be known, his first full length tour of Australia. Tomorrow night, he arrives in Perth to play the intimate surrounds of The Bird. The sort of intimacy that will suit the musician’s down tempo, ambient and soulful music to a tee.

Although only playing in Perth once before, in what he recalls “a crazy rushed show in a strange and industrial like” Bakery, what McFerrin will bring tomorrow night is what he believes sets him apart.

He won’t exactly be scrolling through and pressing play on his acclaimed debut album Early Riser, what he will be presenting is “a partly improvisational set, with only cut up sections of Early Riser”, that he will play as he pleases.

When asked about his style of performance, he explained “a lot of the shows I go and see now, it feels like no one is really doing anything… so I aim to put something out for the audience”, referring specifically to the lack of musicianship from fellow contemporary producers and the “lack of connection” between performer and audience.

Taylor added that he will even “invite people on stage to jam if there are some good musicians in the house”. Now this says a lot about this musician, which he sums up by saying he just tries to have fun.

Although it has been nearly a year since McFerrin dropped his debut, 12-track LP and you’re probably suffering from withdrawals right about now, he has given away that he “will be releasing some singles throughout the year… and some remixes” without giving away any names.

Taylor explained this by saying “I don’t want to stay dormant; I want to keep that vibe going”. A vibe he has well and truly established, receiving praise from the likes of Prince and Erykah Badu.

And you can stay safe in the knowledge that he is indeed working on his next LP, the follow-up to Early Riser.

So tomorrow night is the night, a one night only free show with Taylor McFerrin, before he sets off to the eastern states. Yes I said it, free.

RSVP spots have sold out to absolutely no surprise, but from 8PM it is first come first served.

So you best rise early if you’ve slept on it.


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 Photos courtesy of Thinking Loud





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