Tricia Ray showcases: Keepher by Bird On A Wire

By – Tricia Ray (CEO) of Colosoul

Bird On A Wire has created a new label Keepher which is a very trendy Sports Luxe wear, for all those into brands such as Lacoste; this is something that should spark you’re attention. Founder and designer Tricia Ray has in the past worked on her vintage label Bird On A Wire and wanted to expand her creativity and felt that she needed┬áto reach a broader market. Her passion for fashion is also incorporated with her humanitarian spirit, which speaks up for those who can not speak out for themselves. Through efforts 40% of all sales goe towards these projects. To find out more go to www.facebook.com/birdonawirecolosoul/?fref=ts.┬áDon’t miss this Friday nights Movember Fashion showpresent by WAM and check out Keepher.


Photo credit: Tricia Ray

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