Category: Politics

The Part .v. the Whole

A whole does not equal a part, just as a part does not equal a whole. This is an attitude clearly not believed by Australian leaders, who, in the midst of yet another attack on Melbourne streets, seem to be once again taking the actions of one man as gospel when it comes to the Islam religion.

Experts Call for WA Fracking Ban

Over 50 scientists and experts have published an open letter urging the Western Australian Government to permanently ban fracking in the state. The letter states that “Western Australia is already experiencing severe impacts of global warming, which will become far worse if emissions are not decisively reduced.”

Young, Future Politicians, Listen Up!

Have some political opinions you want heard? This contest is for you! If you’ve turned on a television in the past month, you’ll know our political climate is a little up-and-down at the moment. But imagine if you could make your voice heard on the big stage. Parliament House, to be exact.

Barney for President!

Want something different and hilarious to watch? Well here’s something: How about taking a look at Made in Amerika, an online series released early this August on YouTube and Facebook featuring President Barney.

Negative Gearing: Who Wins?

In the absence of a consensus among Australians, negative gearing merely remains in the hands of those who form government. While the discussion has not only raised affordability concerns but accessibility questions too, negative gearing will surely continue to spark a public debate for the foreseeable future.