Japanese Beauty Giant Launches New Range!

(Shiseido, Dick Page, 2014)

According to Corporate Officer of Shiseido Brand and Global Prestige brands Yoshiaki Okabe, “when people think of Japanese beauty, they think of Shiseido.”

The staple make-up brand is launching their brand-new collection world-wide on August 15th, and they unveiled the reimagined range in the heart of the J-Beauty movement, Tokyo, Japan.

Newly announced Shiseido Global Colour Artist Patrick Ta, as well as friends and faces of the brand attended the event at TOLOT, a beautiful contemporary art gallery. The night celebrated not only the launch of the impressive spread of products, but also the groundbreaking four key textures the range features.

Gels, inks, powders, and dews are all textures included in the new series of products, and according to Jill Scalamandre, who overwatches the Global Development of Shiseido Make-Up, it’s a never before seen approach to cosmetics.

“We are taking an innovative approach to makeup that no other brand has ever done before,” she said, 100 per cent invested and confident in the line, which includes 21 products in a massive 125 colour shades created with state-of-the-art technology, and local craftsmanship and ingredients. It’s “equal parts modern, minimalistic, visionary, expressive, luxurious, and creative.”

But it’s not all about the make-up for Shiseido, Okabe taking the opportunity to explain to Sonoya Mizuno and Patrick Ta that the brand has an imperative link to skin care, stating that “the entire product line is exceptional in its formulations and the textures are especially remarkable.”

“Personally, seeing how this all came together makes me very proud,” said Okabe.

With this recent launch, Shiseido is certainly living up to it’s current tag-line, ‘Beauty Reimagined.”

The brand is available for purchase in Australia at various Myer stores, as well as online at Shiseido’s own website, as well as at independent suppliers like CosmeticsNow and StrawberryNet.

Try out the range when it drops on Wednesday August 15th!

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