Upcoming exhibits at AGWA and PICA

Presented in verse by Mathew Bell.


When The Sky Fell: Legacies of the 1967 Referendum

2 July – 20 August


An anniversary of affairs, which altered discrimination,

PICA’s exhibition explores a transformation.

Indigenous artists reflect on a compulsory constitution,

as a referendum of the government campaigned for inclusion.


In 1967, two laws were removed,

the Commonwealth Government politically improved.

Indigenous citizens were dramatically afflicted,

and 90.77% of voter’s, chose to make a difference.


When The Sky Fell confronts positives and negatives,

the unexpected consequences and ongoing prejudice.

The significance of the act and its recognition of the people,

that moment of being accepted and finally called equal.


Curated by Clothilde Bullen, a Wardandi woman from Perth,

who has an impressive career representing Indigenous works.

This exhibition supports artists with identifiable disciplines,

traditional and contemporary approached with significance.


Hearing of this exhibition I knew little about the history,

I researched the legislation, watched videos and received,

a bias from the government producing positive results,

but this double-edged amendment created many faults .


For me this exhibition is held of high importance,

so we can hear the stories and learn of the law’s enforcement.

This platform allows the artists to celebrate their perspective

and hopefully tell the world how they truly were affected.





Luminous: Tom Malone Prize 2003-2017

11 March – 25 June


When I think of glass art my mind goes to the markets,

little quirky animals and someone crafting objects.

So when I heard of AGWA’s exhibition for this collection,

I instinctively rolled my eyes and questioned its intentions.


Contemporary art today explores society and issues,

a reflection of ourselves, and the world we induce.

With art history at a glance, every technique evolves,

so when it comes to glass, our interpretation gets involved.


Peculiar abstract patterns and pristine surrealist influence,

glass art accepts design, and produces appealing stimulants.

Form is delicately balanced and colour values bent by light,

shapes can be repeated and textures well defined.


However art stretches beyond seeing, it’s more then just an object,

glass art inhabits process, transformation and endless concepts.

Spiritual metaphors or cultural observations,

personal complex thoughts and viewer communication.


Jamie Worsley is one of the ten artists featured in this event,

he’s inspired by light and it’s refraction on environments.

Jamie is becoming known for his cold glass cutting technique,

and highlights elemental qualities, producing works that are unique.


Blanche Tilden’s art is a little more philosophical,

abstract sculptures representing identity and the mechanical.

Worn as a piece of jewelry, or built to explore movement,

Blanche Tilden’s work is a fascinating insight into the future.


If you have an interest in art I compel you to explore,

AGWA’s luminous exhibition has completely change my thoughts.

Glass sculpture is much more then pretty little possessions

it is contemporary art and deserving of our perception.

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