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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: A Perth City Tale

(Shantelle Bisson, 2016)


‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through Perth City,

a kind lady named Elle, wanted no one to pity.

When stockings were hung both empty and bare,

300 presents she offered to share.


A reincarnation of the one they call Nick,

the loneliest feelings would disappear quick.

She knew the heartache that poverty brings,

thus wanted all of the children to feel like kings.


Dropping off presents by day and by night,

blistering heats with no reindeer in sight.

The creed of Christmas Elle aimed to restore,

offering friendship to the lonely and poor.


“Come to my house, if you’re in need,

I can offer you presents and assure you a feed”.

An act of kindness throughout the season,

giving us the hope, that we did once believe in.


Restoring our hopes, in the one they call Santa,

relinquishing jokes and reversing the banter.

It just goes to show, not all heroes wear capes,

for the humble are mighty from experiencing the quakes.


Elle considered herself far from good,

but chose to help others, because that she could.

Bestowing virtues inside her children,

“Hoping they freely help others”, like one in a million.


Not taking for granted the life that she had,

inspired Elle to give, and for that she was glad.

Living through poverty, crying Christmas away,

made it worth-while, giving presents today.


Her Facebook following continued to grow,

100’s of followers and emojis would show.

Although on the day, few chose to show,

her Rockingham home, continued to glow.


As presents unwrapped, smiles did grow,

the kind of joy, only a mother would know.

I feel, these days, we are too governed by fears,

that we withhold kindness, to seal up our tears.


An admirable act, I have to admit,

so why cannot others, give just a bit?

We thank you kindly, for your care and donations,

and wish you a merry Christmas, with love from all nations.

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