Teensoul Artist of the Week: Selina Bell

Selina Bell’s art consists of a range of different mediums, including paint, charcoal, pen and eyeliner. Her pieces have recently been used for local gig promotions, featured in local, independent magazines, and she’s currently working on releasing three new independent zines and one collaborative zine by the end of this year.

Bell’s art heavily revolves around major and current social issues like prejudice against women, rape, discrimination against the LGBTQI community, and the general oppression that minoritized races and genders currently face. She also focuses heavily on expressing personal feelings of hurt and loss, mistreatment and overcoming other overwhelming emotions. She is particularly passionate about animal cruelty, and attempts to occasionally spread awareness on the reality of current factory farming through her art and writing mediums.

Alien Manic Void, by Selina Bell

Selina’s art styles range primarily from abstract to comic, with some of her more acclaimed works taking the form of actual painted comics. However, she states that she is always experimenting with different styles, techniques and mediums to express her opinions, thoughts and emotions on personal and public problems.

“As a half Chinese female, even though I didn’t fully recognise sexism or racism when I was young, I was hyper aware of the difference in treatment of males and females, white skin and coloured. I had people tease me because of my heritage— even though I am/was totally westernised. As a literature lover, I know that inequality has been written about for centuries; from class, money and exploitation, to race and gender.”

Worship Women and Their Periods, by Selina Bell

Many of Selina’s art works come from a place of emotional trauma whilst simultaneously displaying emerging levels of maturity. She explores and deconstructs common taboos and ideals around the feminine form, and sends out messages of body positivity— both physically and beyond. Selina’s distinctive collection of self-portraits shows evidence of an up-lifting sense of self-reflection, whilst still being able to relate to her audience on a personal and spiritual level.

“The importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people cannot be underestimated. The difference this made for me was absolutely phenomenal.”

We sat down with Selina to ask her more about her art, find the full interview here.

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