Study Your Craft Overseas: Opportunities for Australia’s Acting and Directing Stars!

(NIDA, 2018)

Applications are now open for the annual Glorias Fellowships offered from the Gloria Payten Foundation and the Gloria Dawn Foundations in accordance with the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). The Fellowships provide invaluable experience for Australians with a history of professional acting and directing in theatre, film and television industries, allowing them to travel and study their crafts overseas.

“The aim of the Glorias Fellowships it to benefit the Australian performing arts industry as a whole,” said NIDA Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Alison Muir, “We want to offer talented professional actors and/or directors the chance to develop their pursuits.”

From its conception in 1994 through to last year, 2017, 42 talented individuals have played a part in the experience, Libby Munro being one of them.

Munro is a Matilda-award winning Australian actor who is now comfortably situated in Los Angeles. She thanks the Glorias Fellowship for “affording me the opportunities to explore my craft in the city that eats film culture for breakfast.”

“We help individuals who are looking to make their mark in the performing arts, and it’s important to be able to expand connections internationally to do this,” Muir stated, “That’s what we offer our Fellowship recipients.”

“They get an opportunity to hone their craft, create networks and to work collaboratively in a creative space.”

Gloria Payten, a leading theatrical agent based in Australia, established International Casting Service in 1960, and represents the memory of Gloria Dawn, a known Australian actress who passed away in 1978.

“Fellowship recipients and many others are keen to learn more about these women who have supported their creative career aspirations,” said Muir about the importance of honouring the memory of Gloria Payten and Gloria Dawn.

“We want to honour the memory of those who have made a creative life possible. It has also shown the thoughtful and generosity of spirit which philanthropy can play in enhancing people’s lives.”

Fellowship recipients receive up to $15,000 per award and on returning home have a wealth of knowledge that they are able to share with the arts communities all around the country, as well as their own local organisations and workplaces. The NIDA hopes to encourage experienced individuals to broaden their horizons with the eventual hope of building up the artistic and theatrical environment in Australia.

Though the Fellowships are aimed at more experienced individuals, NIDA offers many opportunities for younger, upcoming artists.

“NIDA Open offers short courses for children and young people nationally,” said Muir, “We always want to encourage the young at heart to take part in the performing arts!”

“The knowledge, skill and connections gained by Glorias Fellowship recipients can also provide opportunities for younger, emerging artists who may work with them.”

Applications are now open to individuals who have graduated from a full-time acting or directing course or have worked professionals as an actor or director for at least two years, until Friday 23rd September 2018 on the NIDA website, which also holds more important information about applying for one of the Fellowships.

Visit https://www.nida.edu.au/alumni-and-industry/fellowships/glorias for details.

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