For the love of arts…

If you’re an Arts student, you’ll understand what I’m talking about— the constant struggle to reassure your parents that it’s a good idea, the subtle eye rolls of those enrolled in business or health, and the never-ending, ‘I wish I were an arts student so I don’t have to do exams’.

The arts are everywhere in our world— the Internet, social media, languages, music and advertising just to name a few. Without the arts, we wouldn’t have anything of substance or colour; society would be incredibly different, and not for the better.

Just think about it— without people excelling in their arts degree, there would be no Game of Thrones, no Lord of the Rings, and no Harry Potter; just three of the biggest franchises in the literary world.

Arts degrees aren’t an easy ride through university. Just because most courses do not have an examination, does not mean they are “easy”. Arts are subjective and require a different mindset than those who study in another faculty.

And for the non-believers in the arts, you can, in fact, get a job and make money! No, you are not destined to live in poverty. Tim Minchin, Oprah, J.K. Rowling are amongst a plethora of successful people in the arts.

So for those who are still not convinced, I leave you with this quote from someone whose life was about science, not arts— Albert Einstein.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

And if anyone should know, it would be Einstein.

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  1. Bev Smith

    Great article, Hannah, and one that is spot on. The quote from Einstein is one of my favourites. I worry about the current emphasis on STEM. It is the various fields of the arts that feed our souls and our imaginations, not technology or science which is only as good, and as relevant, as the next “big thing”, the next whiz-bang invention, the next “breakthrough”.

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