A Whole New World Arrives in Perth!

(Crown Perth, 2018)

The Broadway musical arrived in Perth this July and has been wowing audiences with its glittery costumes, mesmerising dancing and hilarious commentary. Aladdin The Musical is an adaptation of the much-loved 1992 Disney film, starring WAAPA graduate Ainsley Melham as Aladdin, and Perth-born Shubshri Kandiah as Jasmine. Showing at the Crown Theatre until the end of October, the performance is both moving and comedic, exploring morals and values with the backdrop of a heart-warming love story.

Loosely following the plotline of the original film, the musical features all the classic songs as well as some extra surprises, equally as catchy to sing along to. If you’re a fan of “Friend Like Me”, “Arabian Nights” or “A Whole New World”, you will not be disappointed by the new additions and it won’t be long before they sneak into your own playlist!

The musical’s tweaks make the performance all the more interesting, with Iago transformed into a hilarious human sidekick, and Abu into Aladdin’s three best friends, teaching him about loyalty and friendship, as well as how to have a good time. However, the one to steal the show is Genie, the hilarious embodiment of sass. Played by Gareth Jacobs, his grand entrance is made all the more dazzling with its special effects and hypnotising choreography, and you won’t know where to look in order to take it all in. The most enchanting scene can easily be guessed – pairing the vocals of “A Whole New World” with the flying carpet against a starry night sky, you’ll be lost in wonder, believing that it’s truly happening in front of your eyes.

Not only is the performance jaw-dropping with its lavish costumes and elaborate sets, but underneath all the glitz and glamour lies a story about freedom of choice, reminding us it wasn’t so long ago that it was the norm to have your future dictated by patriarchal figures. The only drawback to the performance was how quickly it ended. The two hours whizz by in all its tap dancing, show stopping glory, and before you know it, you’ll be coming back for more.

Whether you’re six or sixty, Aladdin The Musical will truly be a magical experience.

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