The Voting Age Has Been Lowered…What Now?

Statistics from the Australian Electoral Commission show that 16,809,637 Australians are eligible to vote and only 16,176,487 are actually enrolled. This is a loss of 633,150 and even though it is not too bad compared to previous years, it is still in the ‘quite alarming’ topic of conversations.

Experts Call for WA Fracking Ban

Over 50 scientists and experts have published an open letter urging the Western Australian Government to permanently ban fracking in the state. The letter states that “Western Australia is already experiencing severe impacts of global warming, which will become far worse if emissions are not decisively reduced.”

Justice for All?

The Law Council of Australia has released an extensive review detailing the lack of access to justice for those suffering social and economic disadvantage.

The Importance of Australia’s construction industry

New statistics show the importance of the $1.5 billion skilling fund for Australia’s construction industry, estimated to support 300,000 workers primarily with traineeships and apprenticeships

Social issues
University: A Grade Too Far?

If there is one thing our race has learnt it’s that intellect plays an important part in success, or as Michel Foucault put it simply; knowledge is power. The very role of university institutions is to provide the public with necessary experience and information to complete essential tasks within society and help our fellow citizens. Typically speaking, the reason students are willing to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars of money for a tertiary education is firstly to study a topic of pure interest, perhaps secondly, to be awarded a job at the end of their academia that will both entice them and pay a competitive sum of money. Otherwise, why would we spend all these sleepless nights and be working as diligently as many of us do?

The Voting Age Has Been Lowered…What Now?

Statistics from the Australian Electoral Commission show that 16,809,637 Australians are eligible to vote and only 16,176,487 are actually enrolled. This is a loss of 633,150 and even though it is not too bad compared to previous years, it is still in the ‘quite alarming’ topic of conversations.

The Sister’s Brother – Film Review

This movie was not what I considered a regular John C. O’Reilly film. Whilst he still performed some swift jokes and fulfilled his comedic gifts, this film was very dark opposed to the earlier films he has starred in. A couple of brotherly assassins, exploring distant and close lands in order to take out their bounties and claim their financial rewards. They had quite the reputation and only those who were really ‘ballsy’ and wanted to big up their own reputations would even dare to challenge them.

FRONT: A Fringe World Spectacular

On the 18th of January I ventured off to watch a play at Fringe World and little did I know just how remarkable the show would turn out be!

A Somerville Film Experience: An Unexpected Love

The night we arrived at the Somerville Theatre, the weather was somewhat mild, until a bitterly cold breeze began blowing through the field. Freezing audience members gathered the rugs and blankets and urgently warmed their bodies with some of their finest liquor.

Book Your Room to ‘Stay With Us’ Today!

Staying in a hotel is a funny thing. It’s just a bed in a room, with a bath and a shower, but something about it feels special. Until you’re in your room with flickering lights and haunting voices bouncing off the walls. This is what guests should expect from The Last Big Hunt’s latest performance Stay With Us, performed at the Riverview Hotel in Perth.


The Colosoul Group Inc is a not-for-profit media and arts organisation with a 150-strong team of volunteers primarily based in Perth. Colosoul collaborates with others across Australia and internationally to produce a diverse range of publications, events, design and film projects which are created by and for our youth.

The Interview: Officially Mugzy

Colosoul writer Michael Green recently caught up with up-and-coming rapper Mugzy! Check out what he had to say!

Hear the Perth Hip-Hop Scene Heating Up!

Western Australia is home to a diverse range of musicians and artists. The hip-hop scene found in Perth is considered by the local talent to be largely influenced by the SBX crew that started up in the 1990’s. One Perth artist that is currently rising up through the ranks of “Aussie Hip-Hop” is Brad Cossington.

A Look into the Avant-Garde

‘Avant-Garde.’ A phrase derived from the French language meaning “fore-guard” or “vanguard,” it refers to people or works which challenge both the status quo of a certain time, and what is taught as the “norm” in society; the hope for deviation.

RTRFM’s Inaugural Spring Music Festival Takes Off in Fremantle

Ten of WA’s local talents will take to the stage at two of the city’s own venues, Fremantle’s newest live local music venue Rock Rover, and the newly revamped The Aardvark.

Early Trauma in Birds Linked to Stunted Human Development

A world-first Deakin study has revealed how early trauma in birds affects their ability to memorise songs that are crucial for their survival – and how this could have implications for human development.

Lab-Grown Meat: Would You Try It?

This is not a drill: lab-grown meat is becoming a thing. Well, nearly. And it’s been in the works for quite some time now. Remember when Winston Churchill predicted the mass production of meat through lab-grown techniques rather than animal slaughtering? Perhaps not, but let’s go back 87 years ago, to 1931.

Norway spends millions on Svalbard global seed bank

Although the vault was designed to withstand the end of the world, a sudden climb in temperature on the Spitsburg Island north of the Norwegian mainland caused the permafrost surrounding the vault to melt.

Australian Government returns remains of ‘Mungo Man’ to Indigenous community

After 40 years and a scientific breakthrough, the remains have been returned to their final resting place.

360 Live @ The Astor Theatre

360’s live show is an entire body experience. Playing songs that even I knew, such as Boys Like You, by the end there were songs which I found to enjoy which are on my playlist today, such as I’m Sorry and Tiny Angel, through sheer interest of lyrical content. For me, 360’s story is relatable and inspiring. 360 has a chat with the crowd about his battle with drugs and mentions he is 3 years clean. By this stage, I’m won.

Q&A with Thundamentals

“Poncho is my MFing boy – and it’s a tragedy that he isn’t around day to day with me anymore.”

Gig review: SETH SENTRY at the Rosemount Hotel, 29/12/2017

“The crowd seems to be dripping with anticipation.”

Fidelity Fest: a Wordplay review

Fidelity Festival was a well baked celebration with so much to share. From beginning to end, once I got a taste of Fidelity on my plate, there was no questioning [ … ]