Experts Call for WA Fracking Ban

Over 50 scientists and experts have published an open letter urging the Western Australian Government to permanently ban fracking in the state. The letter states that “Western Australia is already experiencing severe impacts of global warming, which will become far worse if emissions are not decisively reduced.”

Justice for All?

The Law Council of Australia has released an extensive review detailing the lack of access to justice for those suffering social and economic disadvantage.

The Importance of Australia’s construction industry

New statistics show the importance of the $1.5 billion skilling fund for Australia’s construction industry, estimated to support 300,000 workers primarily with traineeships and apprenticeships

The ideology behind child marriage in Iraq

As a proposal to reduce the age of marriage from 18 to nine years old moves forward in parliament, a breakdown of Iraq’s current social and political climate is needed.

Social issues
Success for the Big Spring Clean 2018!

On Saturday October 6, Vinnies, Red Cross Shops, Salvos Stores and DoSomething launched the first national ‘Big Spring Clean’ clothing drive. Organisers encouraged people to take good-quality unwanted clothing down to their local op shop on the day.

Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3-10 Years in Prison

‘America’s Dad’ and celebrated Comedian Bill Cosby has been sent away in cuffs after he was sentenced three to 10 years in prison.

A Look into the Avant-Garde

‘Avant-Garde.’ A phrase derived from the French language meaning “fore-guard” or “vanguard,” it refers to people or works which challenge both the status quo of a certain time, and what is taught as the “norm” in society; the hope for deviation.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – The True Ancient Egypt Experience

Ancient Egypt: a history which spans over 8,000 years, dating back to prehistoric settlements where life revolved around the Nile and the Roman conquest which saw the rise and fall of civilisations throughout Egypt. Fast forward to 49BC during the Ptolemaic period and the story of Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Kraftwerk’s Transition from Krautrock

Krautrock is a term that defines a German band that is formed by the fusion of influential late sixties psychedelic rock bands, like Pink Floyd and the Beatles.

A Whole New World Arrives in Perth!

The Broadway musical arrived in Perth this July and has been wowing audiences with its glittery costumes, mesmerising dancing and hilarious commentary.


The Colosoul Group Inc is a not-for-profit media and arts organisation with a 150-strong team of volunteers primarily based in Perth. Colosoul collaborates with others across Australia and internationally to produce a diverse range of publications, events, design and film projects which are created by and for our youth.

RTRFM Presents Postcards from the West

RTRFM, the popular community-run radio station, has partnered with the State Library of Western Australia, or more specifically, their film archives. Local musical talent have composed musical pieces to fit film and photography from decades past, combining to bring these old clips of Perth to life in a unique and creative way.

Fremantle Arts Pulling Out All the Stops!

There’s a lot going on down in Fremantle! Over the next few months, the Fremantle Arts Centre will be lit up with events, ranging from interactive art exhibitions for kids, to concerts and markets. So, if you’re after an artistic and engaging day out, look no further!

HQ Turns to Hip Hop!

YMCA HQ is determined to bring together new and passionate young Hip Hop artists with their latest project. On Saturday October 6th, the Drug Aware YMCA HQ Leadership Group will hold IMPACT, the latest project to include culturally diverse in the culture of Hip Hop in Perth.

MID CITY’s New Single ‘Old Habits’ is a Dynamic Alt-Rock Head Banger

The Melbourne indie-rockers bring the intensity with their new single ‘Old Habits’.

Early Trauma in Birds Linked to Stunted Human Development

A world-first Deakin study has revealed how early trauma in birds affects their ability to memorise songs that are crucial for their survival – and how this could have implications for human development.

Lab-Grown Meat: Would You Try It?

This is not a drill: lab-grown meat is becoming a thing. Well, nearly. And it’s been in the works for quite some time now. Remember when Winston Churchill predicted the mass production of meat through lab-grown techniques rather than animal slaughtering? Perhaps not, but let’s go back 87 years ago, to 1931.

Norway spends millions on Svalbard global seed bank

Although the vault was designed to withstand the end of the world, a sudden climb in temperature on the Spitsburg Island north of the Norwegian mainland caused the permafrost surrounding the vault to melt.

Australian Government returns remains of ‘Mungo Man’ to Indigenous community

After 40 years and a scientific breakthrough, the remains have been returned to their final resting place.

360 Live @ The Astor Theatre

360’s live show is an entire body experience. Playing songs that even I knew, such as Boys Like You, by the end there were songs which I found to enjoy which are on my playlist today, such as I’m Sorry and Tiny Angel, through sheer interest of lyrical content. For me, 360’s story is relatable and inspiring. 360 has a chat with the crowd about his battle with drugs and mentions he is 3 years clean. By this stage, I’m won.

Q&A with Thundamentals

“Poncho is my MFing boy – and it’s a tragedy that he isn’t around day to day with me anymore.”

Gig review: SETH SENTRY at the Rosemount Hotel, 29/12/2017

“The crowd seems to be dripping with anticipation.”

Fidelity Fest: a Wordplay review

Fidelity Festival was a well baked celebration with so much to share. From beginning to end, once I got a taste of Fidelity on my plate, there was no questioning [ … ]