Fear and Gluttony in Perth City: American-style food reviews

The Perth food scene is growing at a rapid pace, new bars and restaurants are popping up all the time and as our city expands, so too will the stomachs [ … ]

Middle Earth Shadow of War: A Review

Despite the recent addition to the Lord of the Rings Video game series scoring high in its gameplay, other features left a sour taste.

Looking back at Lords of Dogtown

Fame, success and the ego that comes with.

Film Review: Battle of the Sexes

An inspirational film about women and LGBT people wanting to be respected and treated as equals… oh, and there’s some tennis match in there as well.


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J’adore le chat

Listening to Black Magic simply made me realise that I didn’t even know how to say hello in even one of my country’s many native tongue(s).

Blissing Me: A Review

Whether you’re a Björk fan or not, you can’t deny that even at her 10th album she continues to push the boundaries of her listeners’ expectations and expand the folktronica scene.

WAMFest full program revealed

This just in from the folks over at WAMFest… “The award-winning and record-breaking WAMFest presented by Drug Aware lands this week, bigger and bolder than ever. With nearly 15,000 people attending last year, it’s looking [ … ]

Friday WAMfest: 90+ new acts

This just in from WAM: “Just when you thought WAMFest presented by Drug Aware couldn’t get any bigger, along comes the biggest ever Live Friday Showcases program… Introducing another 90+ acts joining the festivities, [ … ]

Triumph of the land

The historic battle of Indigenous Australians in defence of the sacred rock comes to an end. After 32 years of fighting the Anangu community have managed to ban the climbing of Uluru.

Coral Crisis: New research indicates mass coral bleaching in the Pacific

By RAPHAEL KIYANI TARA Expeditions are a French non-profit research team that aim to study and uncover how a shifting climate is altering the ecological condition of our oceans. They’ve campaigned [ … ]

Stop Adani: Interview with a campaigner

More on the largest mine project in Australia. 

The Decline of Biodiversity in Australia: We Want No More Extinction

The Ecological Society of Australia announced their dismay with the latest State of the Environment report: Australia’s biodiversity is continuing to decline.

Fidelity Fest: a Wordplay review

Fidelity Festival was a well baked celebration with so much to share. From beginning to end, once I got a taste of Fidelity on my plate, there was no questioning [ … ]

Wordplay: Anti Social

This October, Kogz released his album Anti Social. Within weeks of release, it has hit #1 on the independent charts, and is the 17th highest selling album on the urban [ … ]

Wordplay: Beast Mode

Following their national tour, Wordplay checked out local talents Bitter Belief and Rob Shaker’s new album