The Importance of Australia’s construction industry

New statistics show the importance of the $1.5 billion skilling fund for Australia’s construction industry, estimated to support 300,000 workers primarily with traineeships and apprenticeships

The ideology behind child marriage in Iraq

As a proposal to reduce the age of marriage from 18 to nine years old moves forward in parliament, a breakdown of Iraq’s current social and political climate is needed.

Hurricane Maria & Puerto Rico’s lack of representation

The domestic economy of Puerto Rico is firmly dependent to that of the US, removing self-determination, initiative and fortune.

Deconstructing the chaos in Catalonia

Why has the Catalan Independence referendum in Spain garnered such passionately strong support, opposition and controversy and why has it been marred with brutality?

Social issues
Surrogacy: The modern debate

We look into the multi-faceted world of surrogacy and the stigmas surrounding it.

International Women’s Day @ Colosoul Group Inc.

The collaboration of women from multiple backgrounds, societal classes and situations outlined how the big female movers we’ve seen before us have too started from small beginnings, overcoming challenges that became instrumental in shaping a society that was reluctant to change. 

Film Review: Isle of Dogs

One to see if you’re a fan of Wes Anderson, animation in general, or just dogs.

Red Sparrow: Film Review

“I think her mainstream fan-base would be about as out of touch with enjoying this film as a government agency using floppy disks in the 21st Century.”

Film Review: The Death of Stalin

The man behind BBC Show “The Thick of It” turns to creating political humour from one of the darkest points in history.

The Grandfather of Horror

Known as the ‘granddaddy of all horror films’, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) lives on as a staple of horror, surpassing its successors as a visual masterpiece of German expressionism.


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Fall Out Boy wows fans at Perth show

Fall Out Boy showcased just why they have been synonymous with pop-punk for nearly two decades with their recent Perth show.

Fidelity Fest: a Wordplay review

Fidelity Festival was a well baked celebration with so much to share. From beginning to end, once I got a taste of Fidelity on my plate, there was no questioning [ … ]

Currents B-Sides and Remixes: A Review

Sticking to true Tame Impala style, the newly released tracks consist of a spacey psychedelic sound that can have you daydreaming one moment and ready to boogie the next.

WAMfest x Colosoul SuperQuickQ&A: Sly Withers

Continuing our feature artists as part of Colosoul X WAMFest are the great Sly Withers:   So you guys are playing at the WAMFest Lot Party this year, and you [ … ]

360 Live @ The Astor Theatre

360’s live show is an entire body experience. Playing songs that even I knew, such as Boys Like You, by the end there were songs which I found to enjoy which are on my playlist today, such as I’m Sorry and Tiny Angel, through sheer interest of lyrical content. For me, 360’s story is relatable and inspiring. 360 has a chat with the crowd about his battle with drugs and mentions he is 3 years clean. By this stage, I’m won.

Q&A with Thundamentals

“Poncho is my MFing boy – and it’s a tragedy that he isn’t around day to day with me anymore.”

Gig review: SETH SENTRY at the Rosemount Hotel, 29/12/2017

“The crowd seems to be dripping with anticipation.”

Fidelity Fest: a Wordplay review

Fidelity Festival was a well baked celebration with so much to share. From beginning to end, once I got a taste of Fidelity on my plate, there was no questioning [ … ]