The Importance of Australia’s construction industry

New statistics show the importance of the $1.5 billion skilling fund for Australia’s construction industry, estimated to support 300,000 workers primarily with traineeships and apprenticeships

The ideology behind child marriage in Iraq

As a proposal to reduce the age of marriage from 18 to nine years old moves forward in parliament, a breakdown of Iraq’s current social and political climate is needed.

Hurricane Maria & Puerto Rico’s lack of representation

The domestic economy of Puerto Rico is firmly dependent to that of the US, removing self-determination, initiative and fortune.

Deconstructing the chaos in Catalonia

Why has the Catalan Independence referendum in Spain garnered such passionately strong support, opposition and controversy and why has it been marred with brutality?

Social issues
Virtual Pub encourages male mental health discussion

The Virtual Pub first gained nation-wide popularity when a scandal went viral on social media in June 2017 of a group member posting fat shaming revenge porn in the group.

Why Youtube should review their demonetised video policy

Online content continues to grow rapidly every day and if YouTube doesn’t revise their demonetisation policy they’ll lose their creators and audiences to other platforms.

The Grandfather of Horror

Known as the ‘granddaddy of all horror films’, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) lives on as a staple of horror, surpassing its successors as a visual masterpiece of German expressionism.

Predictions for the Academy Awards, 2018

John Blackburn places a few bets on which films he personally thinks will take home the big award at the 2018 Academy Awards.

Film review: The BBQ

It’s an underdog… A cliched underdog

The Cockburn Incident

Hot, sweaty, Australian summer. The time of year when the smell of SPF 50+ sunscreen reigns supreme. When Zooper Doopers monopolise the icy pole industry. And you hold weird poses to avoid [ … ]


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She May be a Quiet Girl, but her Minds a Riot! “Sass The Patriarchy” – International Women’s Day [Review]

“So then comes Thursday, International Women’s Day. Like a lot of young women on this day, I wanted to see some badass women doing some badass empowerment.”

The Centre Cannot Hold: A Review

Australian-born, Iceland-based Ben Frost creates a base of atomic, ambient textures on his new album that will delight die-hard electronic fans.

Streaming with a social conscience

A streaming service that hopes to give local talent the support it desperately needs may be on its way, thanks to crowdfunding and community support. The Pack is a start-up [ … ]

WAMfest x Colosoul SuperQuickQ&A: Boat Show

BOAT SHOW play from 9-9.30 at the Lot Party as part of WAMfest’s Saturday events.

Divine and Uncle Sam at The Rosemount Hotel – EP ‘7’ Launch [Gig Review]

On the 23rd, Divine and Uncle Sam hit up the 459 stage at The Rosemount Hotel to launch the EP, 7.

Artist Interview: Fraksha

“I’m not a big artist or nothing – this shit has never paid well, but I knew that was going be the case when I decided to go down the route I’d done.”

Classic Ill by Downsyde: A Review

“In the interest of leaving something for listeners to unravel themselves, I won’t go into too much detail on each track.”

Wordplay: Downsyde

Downsyde showed that WA’s first major rap success still had what it took to throw a solid show more than 15 years since their initial success and 20 years since they started.