Rufus At Red Hill Auditorium

-By Carla Avendano


It was an absolutely freezing cold night at the Red Hill Auditorium but nothing was keeping Perth’s party people indoors tonight, not when the Sydney boys RÜFÜS who are on their Bloom tour hit our shores after returning from Europe/USA tours and Coachella. Bringing along side with them all the way from Vancouver, Canada Bob Moses and from Byron Bay, Sydney Tora. The venue was packed having been a sold out show it was crawling with people from the edge of the front stage to the far end at the back, these fans were here to make the most of tonight, good vibes all round.

As we entered you could hear Tora filling up the venue with their electronic chill wave sounds, the stage was surround by fans grooving to the sweet sound these guys set on stage, a perfect start to the cool night. With songs like Sugar SnapHigh Enough and Eat the Sun it was just what they needed to start warming up the crowd for RÜFÜS. Up next was Bob Moses who also performed at Coachella.

The duo have a nice deep chilled out house sound but got the crowd moving. Being their first time to Perth the crowd gave them a huge welcome, playing songs from their debut album Days Gone By, which made the cool night slightly warmer with house fans having a dance and appreciating the show these two were putting on. Tearing Me Up setting a mad atmosphere and lifting the mood these guys are definitely worth checking out (as they are doing a few side shows whilst touring with RÜFÜS).

Finally after waiting in possibly one of the coldest night I’ve ever experienced at Red Hill, RÜFÜS came on stage accompanied by an awesome light show. The trio was straight in to it with Brighter shining warm lights upon the roaring crowd, which was such a wicked opening. Tell Me and Desert Night followed closely as the fans up at the front covered the auditorium floor with their dancing and sing along and RÜFÜS were feeling the love that the fans gave. New single off the Bloom album Say a Prayer For Me was just beautiful as fans were enjoying every single moment, every single beat and oh that bass.

Inviting Dena Amy and her astonishingly sweet voice to perform Hypnotised the light show was just amazing adding to the atmosphere and feeling of what was happening. Crowd favourite Tonight went absolutely off, the whole place dancing not even feeling the cold anymore, the feels just kept getting better and better with RÜFÜS blowing their fans away with an amazing set and just as equally amazing light show. Ending with Like an Animal, they had everyone from top to bottom dancing, getting so much love from the crowd as they went off stage but came back to continue with an encore. RÜFÜS wanted to keep on partying just as much as Perth did. Take Me and You Were Right ending an absolutely spectacular show RÜFÜS delivered, what an incredible night.

RÜFÜS Bloom tour shouldn’t be missed, such an unforgettable night with these talented Sydney guys.


Photo Credit: Rufus

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