Spotify Playlist: Winter Tunes

Sit down and pour yourself a warm drink.


It’s that time of the year, when the heavy load of stress is lifted from your shoulders after months of exams and assignment preparation, and it doesn’t help when you look outside to see nothing but grey clouds and cold wind. So, sit down, pour yourself a warm drink and have a listen to some of these winter favourites recommended by yours truly. All are available on our colosoulmusic Spotify playlist.

First up is Angus and Julia Stone’s new single Snow, the two indie-folk siblings seem to never grow outdated as this track is the perfect slow jam to boogie along to. Almost reminding you of playground, singsong rhymes, this track is super catchy and is a perfect reminder of the awesome talent this duo has and are capable of producing in the future.

New Zealand’s pop queen, Lorde has ‘wowed’ us again with her new album Melodrama. The album includes autumn hit, ‘Green Light’ and is an amazing collection of tracks for anyone that has experienced a breakup or being single. Don’t think it’ll get you down though, Lorde’s talented composing allows the listener to feel empowered and rejuvenated making it a perfect winter album.

Going back to the summer of ’16, slow jam dudes Whitney are a band that can be listened to all year round. Light Upon The Lake, which encompasses hit tracks such as ‘No Woman’ and ‘Golden Days’, is perfectly reminiscent of last summer without feeling nostalgic.  The smooth sounding guitar and high pitched vocals takes you back to cold beers paired with warm afternoons and good company.

Speaking of songs evocative of summer, The Jezabels 2011 hit ‘Endless Summer’ is a song that although was released in winter for Australia, the ‘echoe-y’ vocals and endless drum cycle is another track to keep you bright when outside is dark.

But we don’t want to just be thinking of summer all winter, more tracks added to this playlist are just good tunes to listen to or new songs released. Make sure to follow in order to get updates throughout winter!

(cover art image credit to http://theorganisedstudent.tumblr.com)

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