Sarah Blasko Talks The Soloist Tour | Interview

We called up Sarah Blasko to talk about pre-show rituals, The Soloist Tour, and advice.


Have you been surprised to see how performing solo on The Soloist Tour has breathed new life into your songs?

What’s great about playing on your own is that people really listen to the words and the melody. Sometimes the lyrics can get lost a little bit so it’s great to give people a little more perspective. Singing solo definitely changes the meaning a little bit.

If you had to choose, what is your favourite thing about touring?

Performing solo this time, I’ve been engaging much more with people around me. I like to watch people. So for a people watcher like me, it’s good fun. Especially having random encounters with people who have listened to my music and hearing them say what they like about my songs, that’s lovely.

What’s your backstage ritual?

I joke with friends that an hour and a half before the show, I turn into a pumpkin. I need my space before a show because my mind’s focusing on what I’ll be doing on stage. I find that warming up my voice and putting my makeup and outfit on are quite meditative. And then I’ll sometimes hit the gin. My 3 go to beverages are tea, water and gin.

In the same cup?

*Laughs* Maybe!

In 3 words describe what fans can expect from your upcoming 6th album?

Topical, strings, soul.

It’s definitely got a soul nod. There’s slight textures of blues and RnB which is funny because I’m just a white girl, what do I know? The album is getting mixed in the next week.

What advice would you give to Colosoul readers who are independent musicians looking to release their music?

You need to be in touch with your gut feeling. I think it’s much more difficult now with Instagram and Facebook. There’s a lot of feedback these days, some positive, some negative, but I think with the negative comments, we can make the mistake of soaking that in and that can be damaging to a person. It’s important to make mistakes and to try different things. In today’s age, I feel like it’s harder to make mistakes and learn and grow from them because of social media. It’s also important, I feel, to take in the advice from others but then at a certain point you need to know what is best for yourself. Make your own mistakes, for I feel there is a bigger source of regret that comes from following what others tell you to do if it doesn’t work out.


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