POW! Negro: Jasmine and Liquorice

Jasmine and Liquorice will be available through Bandcamp with a humble “pay what you wish” offer.

BY Sophia Golovanevskaya

In the past, they have been compared to the evocative styles of artists such as Lord Quas, Madvillain, and Koi Child. However, POW! Negro display a strong creative independence when it comes to the versatility of their own tracks. The band has previously been recognised for their ability to successfully combine differing musical genres, and have now announced the upcoming release of their newest EP; Jasmine and Liquorice— which will be available through Bandcamp with a humble “pay what you wish” offer.

The record was crafted featuring production work from David Kennedy (A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def) and Michael Jelinek (The Growl). If you like smooth, psych guitar solos, you’ll love them. If you’re into smooth sax jazz vibes, you’ll love them. If you like minimalist instrumentals, you’ll love them. If you like hip-hop, you’ll love them. If you like tasteful electronics, rhythmic beats and slick vocals…need I continue?

With the long-awaited announcement of their newest EP, it’s fair to say we’re on the edge of our seats. The track listing will include two previously released singles, “Hidle Ho!” and “Money For Portraits”. If these two are anything to base the rest of the EP on, it’s safe to assume that POW! Negro have come back better than ever to showcase further growth and discovery of their own sound.

Having already graced stages with acts such as Remi, Sampa The Great, Koi Child and Blackalicious as well as playing coveted slots on festivals such as Groovin The Moo & Southbound, POW! will be embarking on a 3 date run in July to debut their new full live show. Three live shows are to be held in WA in late July, including Bunbury on July 27, Dunsborough on July 28 and Perth on July 29 at The Rosemount alongside The Weapon Is Sound, Grievous Bodily Calm & KNOE.

POW! Negro’s previous tracks have been mesmerising because they seamlessly combine a series of dissimilar genres and sounds. They merge tasteful electronics with rhythmic beats and slick vocals, while also fusing together beautifully simple and smooth instrumentals. Somehow, POW! Negro not only successfully mesh these different sounds and styles together, but they blend them into one big, holy vibration that makes you want to do nothing but sit back, chill out and soak it all up like one big dry, musically deprived sponge.

The band members have described themselves as starting out by playing their own individual music styles at home, and later combining all their powers into one super combination of sound. The groups musical knowledge definitely shines through in all of their previously released tracks, and we have no doubt that it will continue to do so through every track on Jasmine & Liquorice.

So, go ahead and make your own plans for the debut of Jasmine & Liquorice, but I know I’ll be sitting poolside somewhere with an ice cold, fruity mojito…or at least rugged up in bed with a tea, feeling like I’m poolside thanks to good-vibe sounds from Pow! Negro.

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