Liv Cartledge: “You Got Me High” Single

From being local busker of small east coast town, Beechworth, to winning the prestigious Telstra Road To Discovery, “soulful songstress” Liv Cartledge has released her first single “You Got Me High”.


Liv Cartledge has been obsessed with music from a young age and claims to have learnt “how to strum a chord on guitar on the couch at my Gran and Pops house in Bendigo and from that moment I was sold”. Playing with her dad on stage and busking on the street from the age of twelve, she was always going to be destined for great things. Such as this single.

With an amazingly catchy guitar riff that continues through the smooth melodic vocals and a slow beat on drums, it’s another track that you’ll be listening to on repeat for a while. You can really feel the vibes of a small town in Canada, where the song was recorded as her winning prize alongside producer, Daniel Ledwell.

You Got Me High was released at a single launch in Northcote, Melbourne on the 1st of April, and you can hear all of her dreamy tunes in SoundCloud:


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