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Fremantle Puts on a Show!

The original showing of ‘Bush Women’ took place nearly 25 years ago and includes spectacular images from senior Aboriginal artists, all from local areas of Western Australia, including Paji Honeychild Yankkarr, Daisy Andrews, Queenie McKenzie (Gara-Gara), Tjapartji Kanytjuri Bates, Tjingapa Davies and Pantjiti Mary McLean.

Study Your Craft Overseas: Opportunities for Australia’s Acting and Directing Stars!

Applications are now open for the annual Glorias Fellowships offered from the Gloria Payten Foundation and the Gloria Dawn Foundations in accordance with the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). The Fellowships provide invaluable experience for Australians with a history of professional acting and directing in theatre, film and television industries, allowing them to travel and study their crafts overseas.

Film Review: Ready Player One

“It’s mainly for someone who loves retro games and classic nostalgic films, but it can also be something for the whole family to enjoy. It will definitely be a box office favourite with the various references thrown across the screen.”