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Comedy @ Mojo’s

- by Anna Oldham “If you’re religious, you’re going to be upset at the end. Not the end of the show, of your life, when you realise it’s ...

On April 21, 2015 / By

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  • Gallipoli
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    The Beautiful City of Gallipoli

    -By Stephanie Lyon Commemorating 100 years since the First World War landed on the shores of Gallipoli; award winning Western Australian artist Lev Vykopal’s ‘Gallipoli The Beautiful City’ ...

    On April 21, 2015 / By
  • ANZANG Natural Photography of the Year2
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    Windows of the Nature

    - By Alfindy Agyputri When I came in to the gallery, it was like an exhibition for desktop wallpapers. You know how some PC (with Windows operating system) ...

    On April 21, 2015 / By
  • brainjujuinvite
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    Artist Spotlight: Bruno Booth

    - By Caitlin Dominey The other day I caught up with Bruno Booth to discuss his work as he prepares for his first solo exhibition: Brain Juju @ ...

    On April 21, 2015 / By

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  • IMG_9039
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    Fox Feet Summer Runway 2015

    - by Aimee Hughes It’s always a delight to reveal just how much local talent Perth possesses, and this year’s annual Fox Feet Summer Runway did not disappoint. ...

    On March 9, 2015 / By
  • My_Country_-_Mina_Tote_Leather_Bag_c7de1236-6d56-4773-9899-9305e9d88d8a_1024x1024
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    Convict Designers Become Film Finalists

    - by Elizabeth Sonter Australian designers Karen and Georgina, alongside cinematographer Justin Griffiths, have made it to the top ten in the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF), ...

    On January 8, 2015 / By
  • Untitled-min
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    Who is Mr Badger?

    - by Caitlin Gerken Perth jewellery label Hello Mr Badger has been popping up around Perth, with intricate vintage-inspired pieces making its last appearance at the Summer Night Markets ...

    On December 19, 2014 / By

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  • loving dau
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    Love Among Bitter Siblings

    - by Sarah Cole After sitting in on a couple of great discussions at Perth Writers Festival panels this year, I was feeling inspired to dig up some ...

    On March 9, 2015 / By
  • Blind_date_1
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    To Judge a Book By Its Cover

     – by Cesilia Faustina “Why are you buying this book?” “Because the cover looks good.” A pretty common answer when buying books. Let’s face it, judging by appearance ...

    On November 14, 2014 / By
  • I 10.10.14 The Protected book cover
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    Review: The Protected

    - by Julianne de Souza Hannah’s life is a mess. Her older sister, Katie, was killed one year ago in a car crash that was possibly caused by ...

    On October 10, 2014 / By

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